PROEMS – Cancer Challenge

This project has won phase 1 funding in the Cancer Challenge Scotland SBRI funding round. 


Our solution, PROEMS (Patient Reported Outcomes and Experiences Measurement System), is a radical new approach to the collection and use of information from patients. It moves from rigid, single use forms to a flexible, device-agnostic solution which will work on current or future devices. It allows for the trend towards the use of smart devices, voice recognition and passive monitoring (such as fitness trackers) and the submission of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) from these devices to the NHS.

PROEMS is designed to be open – enabling the use of a range of apps, websites, forms and systems to collect data – offering a better, more relevant experience for patients and access to a world of patient generated information for their supporting care team.

PROEMS is being co-designed and developed using “quadruple helix” innovation – an increasingly popular method of citizens, academia, public sector organisations and commercial partners working together to encourage more knowledge and more democratic access to services.

Our experience working with the NHS and other care organisations enables us to design a solution that works with other systems within the organisation, and which can share best practice across organisations.