Highland Hospice Virtual Hospice

The Highland Hospice works with partners to deliver care to patients with terminal conditions. The charity has both residential care and home care delivered by clinical and other staff.

The hospice wanted to better support patients when they were discharged to their home. In addition, they wanted to reach more patients who were currently unserved. They had limited resources, a need to provide rich information to patients and carers about their treatment, and a patient user-base with mixed technology experience.

Hospice staff involved in the care of the patients have developed a very personal relationship, supported through digital technology.

The staff have used our ROC system to build an accredited library of digital content. Patients are loaned a tablet device or use their own.  Staff arrange regular consultations by video call. After the meeting staff may message a summary of the meeting to the patient to reinforce any advice and send them links to digital content that is personalised to current needs.

The service is now available to all patients.