Colon Capsule Endoscopy Integration

CorporateHealth and its partners bring Home-Delivered Colon Capsule Endoscopy, the video camera inside your bowel. With 30 images a second and two cameras in one small capsule, PillCam can see what normally only an invasive endoscope can see.

At their central diagnostic centre experienced nurses support specialist doctors in making the right evaluation from the video that the PillCam takes.

CorporateHealth is implementing their solution within the NHS in Scotland with the support of Openbrolly Health. The organisation needs to track and monitor the use of the PillCam, anonymise the data leaving the NHS, and integrate the information received from the diagnostic centre into the NHS board’s central patient record systems.

Openbrolly has partnered with the NHS eHealth team and CorporateHealth to implemented a ROC™ solution which enables order tracking against patients and secure transfer of anonymised report information across the NHS firewall. The information is de-anonymised and made available to clinicians inside the secure network.