We’re transforming people’s well-being, as human knowledge meets artificial intelligence.

Our ROC and PHASE applications use natural language and artificial intelligence to help people with long-term conditions navigate to the resources and support they need, when they need it, including escalation if necessary. They also provide a communication channel with their care team or mentor, ensuring that planned procedures are followed.

ROC is aimed at people living with a long-term condition in a health and social care environment, and is in use in the NHS and third sector. PHASE is aimed at young people within a school or tertiary education environment.

“Openbrolly have helped us, every step of the way, to translate our vision for a Virtual Hospice into the reality of a tool to increase the confidence of those living with life-shortening illness in Highland.”Jeremy Keen, Consultant Physician in Palliative Care.
“I want to empower patients to feel that they are in control of their health and wellbeing. We can do this by facilitating easy communication between patients and the healthcare team and ensuring that everyone involved in an individual patient’s care knows where that patient is on their cancer journey”Professor Angus Watson, Consultant General and Colorectal Surgeon, Raigmore Hospital, Inverness.

Our mission

At Openbrolly Health we believe that remote care and self-management provides individuals with increased control of their long-term illness, needs and overall well-being. It’s our goal to use innovative digital technologies to empower individuals to self-manage, connect them with their care teams and support them to enjoy a better quality of life.

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